Passive Fire Protection

Helping to limit to spread of fire and improve safety


Tudor Fireproofing offers a comprehensive range of Passive Fire Protection systems.

Initially created as a division of our Drylining sister company, Tudor Fireproofing was established as an independent business in 2019 due to increasing demand.

Since then we have continued to expand our area of expertise. From boarding encasements to penetration seals, linear joints and cavity barriers, offering a comprehensive range of Passive Fire Protection systems.

Giving you a peace of mind with effective fire protection solutions

Fireproofing is one of our primary services. This involves inspecting building compartments, joints, pipes and ducts to identify whether or not they adhere to rigorous fire safety standards.

With our years of experience in the construction industry, we also consider basic functions such as acoustic ratings and thermal properties as part of a passive fire protection system. Our clients have peace of mind knowing they are implementing effective fire protection solutions, as well as ensuring the correct installation of key structural features.

What we do

Passive Fire Protection measures are used to save lives by limiting the spread of the fire, protecting escape routes against heat and smoke and maintaining building integrity. Working together with third party accredited top manufacturers, the installation and application of PFP systems is our speciality.

  • Penetration Seals
  • Cavity Barriers
  • Linear Joints
  • Boarding Encasements

Quality and Safety

Tudor Fireproofing understands that the importance of providing quality, safe and clean services to our clients is vital to our continued success as a service provider.

We are operating comprehensive a management system which incorporates Quality, Health & Safety and Environment Management.

Our Team

Our tight-knit team ensures we are fully focused on the customer's needs.

While continuously training to ensure we are up to date with all legislation regarding fire proofing. Our commercial team's hands on approach and quick response times ensured that within a relatively small period of time we became a well establish and well regarded fire proofing company. Our production side is always professional, knowledgeable and very keen on helping all clients ensure compliance on any given project.